All-in-one Construction Payroll Solution

Handle onboarding, hours, insurance, & payroll, with a robust & easy to use platform for construction worker management.

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All-in-one Construction Payroll Solution

Faber Payroll eliminates the old-school process of PEOs and reduces the time you spend managing your workforce one-by-one. With our bundled construction payroll solution, we’ll take care of worker onboarding, insurance, liability, and payroll.

Easily invite and onboard workers to your company in a matter of minutes

Workers log their hours through the app allowing you to edit & approve them at anytime

Quick, digital, & secure payments that are compliant with your needs

Simply approve total hours each week we’ll handle the payroll process

General liability and worker insurance are included to ensure you’re always covered

Eliminate your increased costs & risks incurred from injury claims

How Faber Payroll Works

Faber Payroll is the easiest way to onboard multiple workers, get insurance coverage, manage hours, track cost codes, and pay out workers. The Faber Payroll system handles all the heavy lifting for you.

Onboard new and existing workers effortlessly

Invite your workers to Faber Payroll and have them onboarded in minutes. All workers go through a compliance verification process after completing their profile.

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Worker hours are logged through the app

No more fragmented hour tracking and paper timesheets. Faber Payroll allows workers to conveniently log their hours through the mobile app.

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Conveniently review, edit, and approve hours

You now have the ability to see all your workers’ hours in one place. Quickly make any edits or changes using any of your devices before approving, saving you valuable time.

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Payroll done for you with straightforward invoicing

Workers get paid out securely through direct deposit. All payouts can be viewed through transparent invoices in the Faber Payroll dashboard.

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