Set your own hourly rate.
Work when you want.
Get paid weekly.

Earn what you deserve as a skilled tradesperson. Connect with the top construction projects in your area.

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Why Faber

Set your own rates

Choose how much you make per hour. Get paid for your experience and skillset.


Get Paid weekly

No more late payments, invoices, or dealing with project costs. Just do the work you enjoy & get paid each week!


Work your own schedule

Pick the days you want to work and get matched with projects that fit your schedule.


Pick & Choose Projects

Get all project details before applying. No proposals or resumes needed. See an interesting project? Start applying now.


How it works

Create Your Profile

Showcase your construction skills & experience along with the tools, gear, certifications, location & availability.


Set your rate & connect to jobs

Set your own hourly rate & apply to jobs right on your phone. Then get confirmed & start working.


Record Your Hours

Input your daily hours & work performed for the projects you have been working on.


Get Paid

We send cash payments electronically directly to your bank account every week.


Proud Workers

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    "I had the opportunity to work on some unique custom homes. The challenge made the project very interesting."

    Sorcha Rourke
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    "Being a student, Faber has given me the flexibility to work full time in the summer and part time during the school year. Great service!"

    Michael Carter
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    "I really love the high level of professionalism & organization that Faber offers. I was connected to a great project very quickly."

    Travis Ferguson