WorkSafeBC Coverage

All workers are covered by WorkSafeBC insurance.

Competitive Wages

Faber offers the best and fairest wages in the industry.

Quality Contractors

We work with contractors that show respect & appreciation for their workers.

Personal Profile

Say goodbye to resumes. Your Faber profile allows you to show your skill & experience to contractors.

Flexible Schedule

By setting your availability, you can work full or part time jobs.

Mobile Convenience

Job offers, messaging, hour tracking, & weekly payments all through your phone.

Coming Soon

Rating & Reviews

Leave a rating & review for every contractor you work for.

Personal Invoices

Breakdown of your weekly hours, contractors you worked with & pay.

Project Recognition

Projects with Faber will give credit for all the workers involved.


  • Am I an employee of Faber?
    No, all workers on the Faber Platform are Independent Contractors. There are no deductions (Tax, CPP, EI) from your pay.
  • How do I start my first job?
    Once we have contacted atleast one of your references, you will then be verified. Once verified, you will be eligible to receive and accept job offers.
  • How do I get paid?
    Faber pays on a weekly basis via direct deposit.
  • How do I log hours?
    When working on projects you are able to add your daily hours. These hours are viewed by each contractor to ensure they are correct before receiving your weekly pay each Monday. Your total hours worked on all projects are tracked and added to your experience within your profile.
  • Is there a fine for not showing up?
    Yes, if you do not show up to the job without atleast 16 hours notice or valid documentation you will incur a $50 fine. This is a step we have made to ensure that workers are held accountable for requests they confirm their availability to. If you are unsure about a request matching your availability, we ask you not to commit in respect of the contractor.