Frequently Asked Questions

Does Faber cover Worker Safety insurance?

Yes, Faber covers worker safety insurance for all the workers on our platform. This covers any injuries occurred on site, during working hours, & only if proper injury procedure is followed.

Do the workers on the Faber platform work directly for me?

They do not directly work for you as your employee, as they are a independent contractors.

Do I have to file the workers' taxes or payroll?

No, your company does not have to deal with the taxes or payroll of Faber workers. You simply receive a invoice every week with a total cost amount.

How does the Faber billing process work?

Faber intakes payment via credit card & can be paid through the invoice. Alternative methods can be accommodated based on volume & duration of workers needed, as well as preliminary background checks.

Do the workers on the Faber Platform go through a verification process? Are these workers vetted?

Faber does a two step verification process using a thorough screening process in which references provided by the workers are called to ensure the highest quality, skill, & experience. Workers profiles also display reviews from previous construction companies & contractors, the amount of projects they have worked on, & total hours worked.

What happens if the worker doesn’t show up?

If this occurs, you are able to get a replacement worker with our system. Additionally you can log this ‘no show’ on that specific worker's profile. This can lead to the worker potentially getting blacklisted from the Faber platform, & they will receive a financial penalty.

How do I remove a worker?

If the worker is no longer needed, you can go into the project section of the app (bottom part of the screen), go into the specific project, into the workers profile, then click the red ‘remove’ button at the bottom of the screen.

What are the costs of using Faber?

No cost other than the hourly, only charged when the worker logs hours, simple and free to try, etc.

The Faber software is free to use. You only pay for the hours that the worker you selected works. Once the worker's hours are approved, you’ll receive a detailed invoice to pay.

Does Faber have liability insurance?

Yes, up to $5M in Canada and up to $2M in the US.