During this day and age, construction workers are given more opportunities than ever to connect with jobs at reputable construction companies. Skilled tradespeople and construction workers alike are in-demand, and companies are looking for the best of the best. 

Ever since we released the Worker Level system last year, we have noticed a lot of you have been levelling up and staying active to remain at the top of the Faber Work platform. 

We’re bringing you even more benefits for being active on Faber Work! To help you earn more and connect with lucrative projects, we’ve introduced 3 different Job Labels. These job labels will show on job cards in your Job Offers feed.

  1. Bonus Points
  2. First Priority
  3. Instant Confirmation

Bonus Points

When you see this Job Label next to an unfulfilled work-order, this means you have the opportunity to grow and level up your profile if you choose to work the offer. Once you apply, get accepted, and perform well on-site, you will be rewarded with bonus points. 

Want to speed up building your Faber Work profile? Apply to job cards that have this label! 

Applying and working these work orders will help you level up faster to get to the top ranks. If you’re already at the top, then these bonus points will help you maintain your status as a “Faber Preferred Pro”.

First Priority

If you have a high number of positive ratings and low cancellation numbers, then you will see this Job Label on certain work-orders. Work hard, keep the late cancellations and no-shows to a minimum. Following these 3 steps will give you first priority access to offers in your area before anyone else gets to see them.

Instant Confirmation

This Job Label shows up for the best of the best users of the Faber Work platform. To see this Job Label, you would have to be a Faber Preferred Pro. This label rewards you for your outstanding performance on-site and overall accountability. When you apply for a work-order with this Job Label, you will instantly be selected and placed on the offer

Be the best, and you’ll instantly get connected to the work-orders you want.

Keep your eye out for Job Labels

The Job Label feature should help you figure out how you’re performing and succeeding on the Faber Work platform. The new benefits were created so you can earn more money and grow your career in the construction industry.

We’ll do our best to connects you with construction projects where you can learn new skills, or develop any existing ones. Just hit apply, get matched with a project, and do the best you can on-site! 

If you are looking for the best way to find construction work on short notice, then Faber Connect has you covered. Ready to check out the new update.