What does a Landscaper do?

Landscapers, or Landscaping Technicians, maintain the grounds of a property. Landscaping is an almost exclusively outdoor job, and it is one of the more physically demanding roles in construction. Most of the work requires manual labor. 

Landscapers work with a variety of equipment, including but not limited to lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, weed whackers, leaf blowers, and other power equipment. Additionally, landscapers work with shovels, spades, rakes, hoes, and other handheld tools. 

Common tasks include mowing and edging lawns, clearing areas of debris and leaves, planting and watering flower beds, removing weeds and unsightly plants, cleaning pathways and sidewalks, pruning and shaping bushes and trees, determining the correct usage of pesticides and fertilizers, and other general maintenance.

Landscapers can work in a variety of environments alongside other skilled tradespeople. Many companies hire teams of landscapers who travel to job sites together. 

Here’s how Landscaper salaries and pay rates are determined in Dallas. To help you better understand the factors that affect the salary of a Landscaper, we’re sharing our own data as well as industry data to break down how salaries can vary. Examples of factors that influence a Landscaper’s salary are the city and states the landscaper is working in. In addition to that, the amount of work experience, additional certifications, and level of education has an impact on salary.

As of May 2021, the average annual pay for a landscaper in Dallas, Texas is $26,209 a year. That means a landscaper earns roughly around $13 USD/hour on average. As discussed earlier, the pay scale varies depending on the person’s experience. For landscapers at the start of their career, their hourly rate is usually around $12.21 USD/hour in the Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex. Typically the more work experience, certifications, and education you have in landscaping and horticulture, the higher your salary or hourly rate will be. 

How much do Landscapers in Dallas make on the Faber Work platform?

Landscapers should be paid what they deserve when it comes to working on projects through Faber Work. With Faber Work, entry-level landscapers who have at least 1-year of experience will start at a pay rate of $18 USD/hour. This exceeds the average hourly rate of $13 USD/hour for landscapers in Dallas, Texas.

Here’s what the Faber Work average payscale looks like for landscapers in Dallas. Landscapers earn more than average when working through the Faber Work platform:

The more experienced landscapers are also given the option to “set your own rate”. If you’re a landscaper on Faber Work and you have more than 2 years of verified experience in landscaping, this feature will be available to you! 

Companies on the Faber Connect platform can see the rate you have suggested for their landscaping project. After a company reviews your profile and experience, they can choose to confirm the suggested hourly rate you set for the project.

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