Building the skills to succeed in the construction industry often requires a long, hard process that includes dangerous work. That’s why with our latest release, experienced skilled tradespeople can now decide how much they get paid.

Without a doubt, there is a high demand for skilled tradespeople; the most experienced tradespeople now have a voice in what they should be paid, and what they deserve.

Before this update, there was a “set pay rate” for each level of skilled trade experience. Pay couldn’t be adjusted or increased, and skilled tradespeople couldn’t negotiate their hourly pay rate with companies.

Things have changed. For the first time ever, skilled tradespeople can suggest an hourly rate before working on a project through Faber. This has never been done in the construction industry – until now.

Any worker with at least 2 years of experience in a skilled trade can now suggest an increased hourly rate. This gives skilled tradespeople on the Faber Work platform the power to earn more.

This update is one of many that will make the Faber platform a better solution for skilled tradespeople to find projects to work on. For now, this feature is limited to any tradesperson who has at least 2 years of experience in a skilled trade. Their experience has to be verified by our team.

How skilled tradespeople can suggest hourly rates

For the first time ever, skilled workers can suggest a higher pay rate in $0.50 increments. This gives highly experienced tradespeople a way to negotiate pay and earn more when working through the Faber platform.

When companies create projects on the Faber platform, some require 2+ years of experience in a skilled trade. When a highly-skilled tradesperson matches with a project that matches their skilled trade, they can suggest a higher rate.

If you’re a skilled tradesperson, companies on the Faber Connect platform can see your suggested rates. After a company reviews your profile and experience, they can choose to confirm the suggested hourly rate you set for the project.

Example of suggesting an hourly rate

The next few screenshots show a highly skilled Framing Carpenter suggesting their hourly rate for a project. In this scenario, the Framing Carpenter has a Red Seal certification. Because of this, their hourly rate starts off higher than most.

Skilled tradespeople will see the “$ BID” icon on projects that are looking for candidates with 2+ years of experience.

Clicking into a job card with the “$ BID” icon will have a rate modifier at the bottom. Rates can be increased or decreased by $0.50 increments. The proposed rate cannot go below the minimum suggested rate.

Clicking “Apply to This Job” icon will send the proposed rate to the company. The proposed rate cannot go below the minimum suggested rate.

The option to suggest hourly rates on a project is completely new and exclusively available on the Faber Work app. Although this feature is limited to tradespeople who have at least 2 years of experience, we have plans to expand and improve this feature to other Faber Work users.

Skilled tradespeople can earn more with Faber Work

A career in construction is a rewarding one. With years of experience in a skilled trade, your talents are highly needed in the construction industry. It’s pretty simple – your earnings should match your skillset. 

With this new update, you’re more likely to increase your earnings when working through the Faber Work app. 

Try Faber Work and see how easy it is to suggest a rate that fits your experience. If you’re new to Faber, signing up and using the app to find skilled trades work is free.

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