We’ve gathered feedback about our invoicing system, and we’re happy to announce we have a big update for you. We’re adding the Worker Skill Tags field to all invoices!

Before the addition of skill tags, we would send invoices that would show the type of services (by trade) requested, the tradesperson’s name, their rate, and hours logged. Our invoices would also show you the supervisor that approved the hours worked. 

Below is the cost breakdown section pulled from our old invoice format.

faber invoicing old

The old invoices were easy for the supervisors on-site to understand, as site managers would physically be there to see the workers requested through Faber. For team members who aren’t directly working on job sites, it was a bit harder for them to understand what workers were doing on-site and how the invoices were broken down.

There was a blind spot in the old invoices because on-site team members could see what workers were doing on a daily basis, but the off-site team members could not. 

We’ve added the skill tag field to invoices to reduce the back and forth communication between on-site and back-office teams. Skill tags on invoices will help keep all team members on the same page when receiving invoices from Faber.

How skill tagging works on invoices

Skill tags were first introduced to Faber Contractors as a way to create a Project Description without having to write up a paragraph when creating a request for workers. The workers associated with this request are automatically linked to the skill tags that the Faber Contractor specified for the request.

faber example invoice skill tags

When site supervisors are approving the hours a worker has logged, these skill tags are associated with the approved hours. We’ve taken these skill tags and added them as a field in our invoice.

The skill tags are added as an extra line under the “Performed Tasks” section of the invoice. Along with these skill tags, you’ll see the worker’s name and the hours they’ve logged. 

Faber example invoice new

How the skill tagging fields help your team

With the new addition of skill tags on your invoices, you can see what workers are doing on your projects from a quick glance. This helps you and your team stay on the same page when it comes to calculating the labor costs of ongoing projects.

The skill tags can also be used to associate labor costs with the specific tasks and cost-codes that your team uses internally.

This feature brings site supervisors and accounts payable teams a way to communicate what each worker is responsible for on a site. Not only do skill tags help track the cost of labor on sites, but it also provides context to why labor is being requested for a specific project. More transparent and clear invoices are the biggest benefits that follow this feature update.

If you have any questions or feedback for the Faber platform, check out our FAQ section here or give us a call at 1-888-366-WORK.