We’ve heard you loud and clear – we’re happy to show you a new feature that gives you more power and transparency to what is being done on your project. This new update replaces the use of paper timesheets and saves time when managing productivity. 

Workers can now log Skill Tags, so you can see the specific tasks the worker is completing without having to sort through paper timesheets. Were they doing carpentry work? Forming work? Painting work? Now you can see how much time workers are dedicating to their tasks.

This gives you a granular view of how many hours workers are spending on specific tasks for the projects you are running through Faber Connect. 

When you approve worker hours, you will also have the option to view how the worker distributed those hours within their day. This includes the ability to edit or revise them as needed. 

In the very near future, this feature will also be added to the workers’ “past projects” section. This means you can view their work history and see the tasks they’ve performed for other companies. No more guesswork when it comes to picking skilled candidates.

Another update will also add these Skill Tag hours to your invoices, so you can manage your costs down to each specific task.

Oh, we’re also adding a dashboard that includes charts and graphs to show this information. If your company is interested in piloting this project, shoot us an email at team@faberconnect.com and we’ll reach out to get you into our beta test.

Here’s how worker Skill Tags help you manage your crew’s productivity

Once a worker has completed the workday and logged their hours, you can click the ‘View’ button beside each worker card to view or edit the time added to each task. 

Step 1 – Viewing Worker Hours
Step 2 – Viewing/Editing Skill Tags

After you click ‘View’, you have the option to “Edit” their hours and tasks. Easily edit their hours if they put in extra work or if you want to remove tasks they did not perform. 

It’s possible to add or change how much time the worker spent on each task too!

All tasks and hours you add or revise will be automatically synced up to the worker’s Faber Work profile. This gives both sides visibility into how much experience they’ve gained when working with skilled trade tasks. 

This new feature will help you track workers’ hours and a better view of how much time a candidate has spent with trades specific tasks. We hope this new feature cuts out the time you spend filling paper timesheets, so you can finish your own workday on-time (or earlier).

If you have any questions or feedback for the Faber Connect platform, check out our FAQ section or give us a call at 1-888-366-WORK(9675).